Palo Alto Wax Melts

Palo Alto Wax Melts

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"Palo Alto"

NOTES- Brown sugar, musk & lemon

"The softest, sugary sweet treat that you could ever smell."our personal faves. I tell our customers that this scent will make any house smell like a home.”

Beautifully fragrant hand-poured soy wax melts that are poured into a crystal-clear clamshell mold. Each clamshell mold holds 6- 1" melts, measuring 2.75 oz of wax. You will get an average of 8 hours of burn time with 1 melt.

These strong scents are designed to perform exceptionally well with soy wax. Each group of wax melts are represented by a California city and the notes will also be listed for each fragrance.

*Our melts are non-toxic, from the soy wax to the fragrance oils.
*Please use our wax melts only for the intended purpose- to have the best smelling house on the block.