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San Luis Obispo is my #1 seller of all time! It's very similar to another candle from another company whose name I cannot say 😉. I'll give you a hint ✨, the candle is named after a mountain that you find in Hawaii and shoots out lava 🌋.

Hi, I'm Haley//

I’ve always been a creative thinker, a side-hustle seeker and (was) a pre-Pinterest DIYer, but after my husband and I made candles for our daughter’s birthday party, I found that EVERYONE loves a candle.  And it just made sense to create something that all people could enjoy.  A few years later, I changed the name and got really serious about candle making and creating an experience with my candles. My goal is to take you back to Laguna Beach when you had your favorite bonfire or Napa when you went wine-tasting with your besties.

❌⭕️, Haley

  • What's in my candles?

    100% soy wax, high quality CLEAN fragrance oils, cotton braided zinc-free wick & no pthalates. 

  • Why the cities?

    I am fully inspired by our amazing state of California. We have beach, coast, desert, mountains and city! And each city has a vibe that I hope to capture in each candle.

  • Do I offer custom designs?

    Of course! I love custom jobs! Please check out custom listing here. Or email me and we can discuss whatever you have in mind.

  • Do I offer wholesale?

    Yes! Please check my FAIRE link here. I'd love to partner with you- candles make a great addition to any retail brick & mortar or even online shop.

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