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Catalina Island

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We are NESW WAX CO//

All of our scents/cities are carefully picked & thought out. We hope you feel the nostalgia and memories each time you smell a new scent and are reminded of a specific time in a special city. ❌⭕️, Haley & Eric



Been looking for a candle with a soy or coconut wax base, as it’s a healthier burn, so this satisfies my needs and more! The cities are irresistible and the Catalina Island scent is so fresh.

Nina B.

I bought this candle for my niece that lives in Louisville, KY because she loves staying in Pacific Beach when she's out here and she absolutely LOVES it and she also LOVES the Huntington Beach candle, HB is her home away from home she comes out every year and both candles remind her of SoCal! XOXO

Leah R.

I’m from California & stumbled across this small business on instagram. I took a chance and ordered a few candles, stickers & pins since they are all named after California cities. Little did I know that they would be my all time favorites. I seriously have now an addiction to all of them. They ship super fast and make my home smell so amazing. The burn time is exceptional and I now won’t buy from anywhere else. They also make great gifts.

Btw they are super affordable ❤️

Caroline B.
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