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Tentera Surf & Coffee Roasters

BALI Kintamani

BALI Kintamani

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tentera Surf & Coffee Roasters

Medium-Dark Roast · Citrus · Herbs

This medium-dark bodied roast combines uplifting citrus flavors of orange with rustic notes of herbs.
We recommend your coffee to rest between 7-14 days since the roast date.
*assuming 2 cups / day

Tentera Rewards

▶ 1 lb / 16 oz = 85 Points Reward ◀
▶ 5 lbs / 80 oz = 345 Points Reward ◀


500 points = $5 OFF

100% Arabica Specialty Coffee | Single Origin | All Natural | No Preservatives

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

With every purchase made, we will donate 1% of sales for boards and trunks to kids in need

Bean Details

Country: Indonesia
Region: Bali
Process: Wet Hulling
Altitude: 900 - 1100 Meters
Harvest: June - Aug
Varieties: Mixed

Bali Surf Spots

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Whats in our candles?

All soy wax, high quality fragrance oils, cotton braided wick, no pthalates 

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We are inspired by our amazing state of California and want everyone to experience what the golden state has to offer 

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Of course! Please check out custom listing here

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